We have complete and modern equipment of well-known manufacturers that we constantly update and we are able to cover the entire range of cleaning work.

The main machinery of our company are the following:

  • State-of-the-art diesel sweepers for outdoors, streets, squares, parks, open spaces, etc.

  • Diesel sweeper for outdoor/indoor use in large industrial areas

  • Large battery-operated machines for washing/drying floors in large surfaces

  • Hot and cold water pressure washers

  • Industrial vacuum cleaners for dust up to 15,000W power

  • Battery-operated for washing/drying floors

  • Carpet rotary washing/polishing machines

  • Steam cleaners


  • Small or large liquid-solid vacuum cleaners

  • Ozone generators for air disinfection and deodorization

  • E SPRAY for disinfection of rooms and surfaces